Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gold Images

Tooling around the EWTN Religious Catalogue, I came across this 14KT Gold "Trinity Crucifix". I would feel like something was wrong if I were purchasing a $600 piece of gold anything to wear around my neck, but considering what my wife's engagement ring cost, perhaps I am short-sighted or hypocritical (or both).

Beyond that though, I do not like this (or any) depiction of God the Father. I believe that depictions of the Father are more modern practices than ancient. I found this Catholic website which denounces depicting the Father as an old man:
The creating of images of God the Father as an old man is to literally create a false god, another idol to worship. It falls short of reflecting upon the true nature of the Divinity of God the Father as He has been [] revealed to us through Jesus Christ and consequently through the Church that has preserved the original teachings of the Apostles.

In addition to this "Trinity Crucifix", I know I've seen an image of the Father with the Son crowning the Virgin Mary on the ceiling of the University of Notre Dame Cathedral (as seen on T.V.), and in the Basilica built at Fatima (also as seen on T.V.).

My subjective belief is that to make a solid gold image of what one imagines God the Father to look like is a foolish thing. Even if I were to accept that the wearer of this precious medal believes it to be only an image and not an idol, I think it is foolery. The Old Testament says, in my subjective interpretation, that no man can see the face of the Father and live. I would not counsel my children to ever depict the Father's face, therefore.


Tim A. Troutman said...

I believe (may be wrong here) that the Eastern tradition is very strict on not depicting the Father as an old man in their icons. I think the west has been a little more lax on that but you still don't see it very often.

J.W. said...

the form of the image is strange as well; it seems to suggest patripassianism.

George Weis said...

I have to say this *yuck*

Hey, your post reminds me of a chapter from Knowing God. Have you ever read that book? I'm sure you have. Packer makes some great points in there about images used to aid us in worship. Curious, why do you seem to stand at the door of the RC and consider them?
I to do this. I peek in and ponder. However, my heart of hearts pulls me back, because I feel ultimately that there are far to many issues that beg issue with scripture. Not to mention there are plenty of questions within the not so Roman churches. I think I do what I do because of the lofty claims. I wish to solidly place them in my head... eventually.


Thos said...


I haven’t read Knowing God. I don’t read much of that sort of thing, for lack of time.

Why do I stand at the door of the RC? It’s a long story, but if you look back at some older posts of mine, you’ll probably get the flavor. If you’re in the mood, click on my “Discernment” label on the left side of the blog. Then go down one to the “Argue the Trees” post. That could answer your question probably on its own, but I really laid a lot of my ground-level thoughts in a serious of posts on “five questions” that I thought were important - - the first of that series is linked in my “Argue the Trees” post, in the fourth paragraph. The one word answer is: authority. I’m not sure who has it.

You say your heart pulls you back, and I wonder on a very regular basis whether my own doubts are heart (and Spirit) led. It’s just so hard to know. My “heart” goes in lots of directions, and I am bad at distinguishing between the feelings of my heart, and other feelings, like doubt, fear, anxiety, or other feelings that creep up when one ponders conversions from anything known to any other thing foreign.

Peace in Christ,