Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Fatima Show

I don't know if any others pondering conversion to Catholicism were able to catch EWTN's "FATIMA: ALTAR DO MUNDO" last night, but it sure didn't do much to rope my bride into the idea of "Popeing" (it being her idea to watch). Actually, it didn't do much for me either.

Since my reaction to the images displayed on this program was largely emotional and subjective, I have few details to share. I will only say that it strains credulity to assure would-be converts that they aren't required to believe in any of the apparitions. The formality and frequency of ceremonies conducted there, especially by Pope John Paul II, e.g., in "crowning" the statue of the Our Lady of Fatima with a crown containing the bullet by which he was shot, leads me to believe that one would be far outside the mainstream to disbelieve that this was a "true" apparition or an event good for Christianity. So tell me all you like that the apparitions are 'optional' belief. I will agree with you that your statement is formally true. However, the more Catholic culture ingests these private revelations, the more they become a real part of public Catholic identity. Perhaps that last sentence should be in the past tense.

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Devin Rose said...

Howdy Tom,

I have not seen this particular show, but I can sympathize with you and your wife's reaction; I felt the same way even to the Church-approved Marian apparitions when I considered the Catholic Church.

I did come to accept the Church approved ones, but on balance these are relatively few, and most supposed apparitions are not approved by the Church; also, only after many years are they approved.

When I considered these apparitions, I helped reconcile it with the fact that:

1. If God wants the Virgin Mary to appear to some faithful persons for some reason, he has the power to do so.

2. The approved apparitions have many factors that demonstrate their authenticity.

It is something that I would suggest deferring and not letting it be a big stumbling block, but if it is already, give it to God and ask him to help you with it if he so desires you to enter the Catholic Church.

God bless you and your family always!