Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"The Catholicity Question"

The Catholicity Question is a new blog with promise:

"For the past decade, I’ve been working, worshipping, and thinking through what various people label “Reformed Catholicism,” “Protesting Catholicism,” or “High Church Calvinism.” I love this world, and have almost joined the Anglican Church on a few occasions. Eastern Orthodoxy holds quite a bit of attraction, but I can’t get over the icons and veneration of the saints. I’m too much of a Protestant to even think about joining the Roman Catholic church, though I read Roman Catholic authors without discrimination."


Kim said...

That does look like a good blog. :) I appreciate all you guys hashing this stuff out for us.

George Weis said...

Hi, I just came upon your blog via the God Fearing Fiddler. I am a "protestant" hate the term... no scratch that, I am a follower of Christ. I hope to happen back here, and possibly join in on something at some point.

God Bless you for the sake of His Glory!


Thos said...


It's good to have another "Protestant" around to share in conversation. I hope you find my Catholic "regulars", as well as my Protestant seekers, as edifying as I do. If you find yourself disagreeing, do share (instead of disappearing)! I try not to badger.

Peace in Christ,

George Weis said...


I am glad to find you brother. I do indeed enjoy discussions on these matters, as I too am trying to sort out the similarities and differences.

I am interested in your thoughts since you are a law student. I have always thought the truth must be able to stand up with evidence. So this should be a fun place for me to share in and share with others and our opinions and learning. I never get run out... no disagreement offends me to that degree.

Much love to you brother! May your weekend be greatly blessed for the glory of Christ!