Saturday, August 25, 2007

Young People Leaving

The Banner, the Christian Reformed Church's periodical, has an article worth reading entitled "Where Did Our Young Adults Go?"

Despite a point of minor bias over female ordination, the article is worthwhile for its multiple vignettes of those who left the Reformed Church in which they were raised. Some stopped going to church altogether, several joined baptistic or independent churches, and one fellow even goes to a Catholic Church occasionally.

Besides being geographically grouped so as to be an impracticable choice, the CRC lost me because of female ordination and like movements to 'modernize' (motivated in large part, I believe, by anxiety over the question "how do we keep our young people?"). But head-to-head, I think as much of the CRC as I do of the PCA.

It's a haunting question over at the CRC; how do we keep our young people?


Randy said...

Hi there Thos. I popped over here after reading your comment on my blog. I was amazed to find you reading the banner. The CRC is the church I was raised in. I just read this article a few days ago. I was going to write an e-mail to my priest about it because I feel our parish has many of the same issues. Small world. God bless you.

Thos said...


Re: CRC, me too!

I've been going to PCA churches (largely for geographic reasons) since college. I know of quite a few PCA folks that have "Poped", but no CRC. I see Mr. White replied to your blog post - that must mean you're "prime time". I'm just a newbie...