Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unity, Orthodoxy, and Catholicism

Please note two excellent comments by Joseph, a Catholic contributor, on views held by Orthodoxy and Catholicism about the other's authority, posted on August 21st here. I note on his behalf that he merely intended to share his layman's perspective, and was not looking to pick a fight. If anyone wants to argue either side, I'll take up the other (for fun).

If it has taken me three years to decide if I believe sola Scriptura to be tenable, it seems like it would take me a lifetime to decide if the Catholics or the Orthodox take the right position (if its even an either-or query).


Joseph said...


Yikes! The title from your post implies that our discussion involved pitting Catholicism against Orthodoxy. I'm sure this wasn't your intent. It certainly wasn't mine in my layman's understanding of the Schism. One of the points we discussed, in fact, was how the Church remained "pure" despite the Schism.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm correcting you on your blog, I just want to avoid anyone having a false disposition before reading the post. The best possible scenario is that no one finds it interesting enough to read.

Your friend,

Thos said...

Hey, whatever sells papers...

Seriously though, sorry for causing angst, and I hope the new title is more fitting and proper. Thanks!

Joseph said...

Awww... you didn't need to change the title just for little old me! Thanks! I like it much better.

Thos said...

I did have to - you were right! God bless.