Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mystic Monk Coffee

I have received my first order of Mystic Monk Coffee, and it is excellent! My wife bought us their "Irish Cream" coffee. I am not normally a flavored kind of coffee drinker, but this is of the highest quality. It is very smooth, with an easygoing, pleasant aftertaste. I look forward to sampling their Mexican or Colombian roasts next.

The coffee is roasted and shipped by "real monks" of the Carmelite order. Br. Java and his cohorts are raising funds through coffee sales to build their own monastery in the mountains of Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park. (They are presently renting ranch land on which Buffalo Bill's cabin sits, it seems.) As this is a worthy end, and I find the coffee to be excellent, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Two final things to note: one, I drink a lot of coffee, take coffee seriously, and take recommending coffee very seriously. If anyone tries the Mystic Monk Irish Cream and disagrees with my assessment, please let me know!; and two, I am not a participant in their "Affiliate" (sales) program, so my endorsement is unbiased. It's just good coffee.


Canadian said...

This post made me chuckle to myself. Did you ever think a couple years ago that you would be buying "Mystic Monk" coffee, then promoting the support of monks to be a "worthy end"? :-)
I certainly never imagined myself leaving the evangelical church to explore Orthodoxy or purchasing a prayer rope because it was made by monks and supports them, but here I am.
Just a note of interest. Yesterday was "Forgiveness Sunday" and the little mission we attend had a ceremony after Divine Liturgy where everyone forms a line and comes first to the priest and says "forgive me a sinner". He replies "God forgives", then they stand to his left. The next person follows suit and works his way through each person until all have asked for forgiveness from each. Each person first bows to the other and after asking forgiveness they share the kiss of peace on both cheeks. This is to prepare for Great Lent. It was quite moving. Orthodoxy doesn't just ask people to forgive, they liturgically enact what is required. I really like this idea that worship should be physical not just spiritual. Sorry to venture off topic, just thought I'd share some of the sights of my journey.

Thos said...


Perhaps the worthy end I seek is their getting off of Buffalo Bill's land! But that's a stretch, so you got me. I suppose I have come far enough to think that if these men believe God is calling them to this life of prayer (for the whole world, so I'm a beneficiary), so be it. I don't know that I'd want my sons going off to do this, but perhaps someday I will feel differently. A couple of these guys were interviewed on an EWTN show a couple of weeks ago, and they seemed genuinely happy bearing their hardships.

I agree that worship must be more than "just spiritual". If "just spiritual" were adequate, I could "worship" in my living room every Sunday by watching services on television (I don't mean to knock those who do, because of physical infirmities that prevent their getting out). In fact, we could just start an internet church right now, with elders, e-accountability, some kind of charter or constitution, etc. We could even form a denomination!

No, of course you're right that there is something to physical, something to personal proximity at least to other people (if not to sacramental elements). We just must remain vigilant against the malaise that can accompany routine.

Peace in Christ,

StBasil said...

I've been wanting to try their coffee so your recommendation may just put me over the edge! :)

Pax Christi tecum!

Thos said...


I'm glad to hear it. I've got three new coffees coming to me in the mail right now that I look forward to trying.