Thursday, January 10, 2008

Church Visible, Church Invisible

Please consider taking the time to read Bryan Cross's excellent post (at PrincipiumUnitatis) on Church Visible, Church Invisible, and the meaning of Christ's promises to the "Church".

Bryan writes with careful logic, and is rarely challenged about his views. I'm not exactly sure why more bloggers don't take him to task on his writing. He reaches conclusions, clear ones at that, and through a clear process. If he's wrong, he should be susceptible to criticism.

Perhaps the calm, rational method of writing makes for a low-fireworks quotient on one's blog, so that people aren't very interested in commenting. If that's the explanation, then our collective intellectual-merits score should be pretty low.


Oso Famoso said...

I am telling you...he isn't taken to task often by bloggers because everything he writes down is air tight.

Thos said...


So, I'm starting to notice that people take him to task in other fora, not on his own. And in those fora they feel more compelled to attack his character or reasoning abilities, and not his reasoning itself.

Peace in Christ,

Oso Famoso said...

Very true.

For one thing, Cross remains charitable even in the face of un-warranted personal attacks. I give him a log of credit for that.