Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interfaith Concert

To see the Hindi Pushpanjali Dance Group, hear a Mormon choir or experience the Washington Baha'i Chorale all in the comforts of a Basilica dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, consider attending the 28th annual "InterFaith Concert"

I wonder, what are the rules of proper deportment when in the presence of an altar consecrated by the Bishop? Will the elements of the Eucharist remain present in the Tabernacle during these performances?

And who is really comfortable with this arrangement? I would guess that the faithful Muslim or Mormon is going to look forward to this event primarily for the opportunity to "poach" those of the others faith groups present... but I've always been a nay-sayer.


George Wesley said...

Thank you, Thos, for coming to my site. My "theory" is simple. There is one God who has revealed himself progressively throughout history. Therefore, there is only one religion, the religion of God. What divisions exist come from man, not God. Overcoming our divisions and being unified is what God requires of us in this day.

Sincerest regards,


Thos said...


Thank you for your thoughtful response. Your response validates my post nicely, I dare say, and I think we'd agree at least in part with where I was going. One who advocates for interfaith dialogue from your perspective believes that we are all coming at one truth from multiple directions. I originally pondered, however, what the faithful Muslim or Mormon stands to gain from the event.

My use of the word "faithful" was not the clearest - I meant by it one who adheres to the fundamental teachings of their respective religion. In both the instance of the Mormon and the Muslim, your ideal (and perhaps the larger ideal of the D.C. InterFaith organization) of there being only one religion do not hold sway. So the devout (is that a better word choice?) Mormon is not going to attend this concert at the Basilica for the same reasons you might (to progress toward unity under the 'one religion' theory).

Why, then, would the Mormon attend? My theory is still that he wants to impress on the others (like you) that his views are the best. And this, to strip away all subtlety I might have had originally, is my point - that there are probably lots of hidden agendas amongst participants and attendees.

Either way, I don't understand why a Roman Catholic Basilica would host this event. It would be incongruous with their declared beliefs to host the event in order to lead people to see that there is 'only one religion, the religion of God.' It seems equally improper for them to try to lure people of other faiths in to 'poach' them (and I doubt that's what their motive is now, nor what it was 28 years ago, so I tend to think their error is the former).

I do value your candor. May God lead us all to Truth.

Peace to you,