Thursday, October 11, 2007

Abortion Documentary: Lake Of Fire

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"One scene depicts a doctor sifting through a surgical tray after performing a late-term abortion, where the grisly residue of an arm, a foot and part of a face can be clearly made out."

A New York Times review goes further about this scene, "The doctor then holds up the severed fetal head. One eerily bulging eye looks as if it's staring into the camera and somehow at us."

I don't want to see this film. I'd rather watch actual video of violent rape or drug-related murder (which is not to say that I'd watch those things either, but to say that I would be even more deeply scarred seeing video of fetal abortions).

Nor can I imagine that many advocates of a woman's right to choose to terminate her fetus's life want to see this either. Why face the music? After all, I don't know a single person of the pro-choice persuasion who thinks abortions are good things; rather, the consensus seems to be that abortions are the better of two unpleasant choices.

So my prediction is that this brave documentary filmmaker will have a small audience, and we will continue to rely on that audience to tell us what the film actually depicts.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm of the same mind as you. I could not bring myself to watch this film. The reality of knowing what happens is already real enough for me. This film would give me nightmares.

It is a pity, for those who most need to see it will tend to avoid it (What woman or couple seriously considering aborting their child would want to actually see what they would be doing?), and those who are most sensiteve to its truth are also likely to avoid it. In a world where no film is worth more than its box office receipts, hard truth is a hard sell.

Thos said...

You know, anonymous brother, I agreed fully with you. Your comment made me think a little more about what I had written though, and I'm now inclined to be more positive about this. Even if only a very small number of people see this film, what if that number is largely composed of people who are prominent in our society? What if many district and appellate court judges see this, because they fancy themselves champions of our society's abortion debate? What of our self-assured academicians? I think people who are a little bit snoody about their views who also feel like they have to remain 'in the know' might be inclined to watch. I suppose I should hold out enough hope that God can expose the right hearts to this film's depictions and then prick those same hearts in a way only He can...